December 17th, 2004: Bah Humbug! I know that it's getting very close to Christmas but I have been having the hardest time getting into the spirit of the season. Maybe it's because I keep hearing or reading Happy Holidays everywhere I go and it irks me a bit. Oh I get a sense of joy when I return the salutation with "yes and a Merry Christmas to you" or mail a Christmas card with a nativity scene on it. As a Christian I believe "the world" would love it if we Christians just forgot the real reason for the festivities. They had rather us just go out and spend as much money as possible on gifts, keep quite and forget the fact that we are celebrating the birth of our most precious gift of all, Jesus. What's wrong with this world today?

This morning when I was reading my Bible in Judges, it all became too alarmingly clear to me what is wrong with this world. In the second chapter of Judges, we see how the blessed Israelites forgot how they got their freedom, victories and their blessings. In Judges 2:10 we read that a whole generation grew up that didn't know the Lord or what He had done for Israel. This was scary to me. I mean, there is a possibility that in days to come, a whole generation could come along that knows nothing about what December 25th, is a holiday for. Or the name of Jesus may be just something that they heard of from long ago.

As believers we know that one day every one will know exactly who Jesus is. Not only will they know exactly what Christmas is all about but also what His coming to earth so long ago was all about. So I guess until He does come back, we as believers just have to give His gift of love to those who don't know Him yet. We are His witnesses and servants and even if it irks us a bit to smile back and say "Merry Christmas to you also", that's what our Lord would have us do.

This season does open hearts in many ways. Some folks hurt and are hurt by the disappointments in their lives and Christmas seems to remind them of this. Maybe they are just looking for someone to show them some kindness and love. I can only pray that as a child of God I can be a light that reflects the "reason for the season". So I have no time for Bah Humbug sort of feelings. This is a blessed celebration. It's Jesus' Birthday! Merry Christmas!


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