December 14th, 2006: I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all reading this right now. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, aren't we blessed to know what this season is truly about. We know it is an extended party of sorts for our Lord's entrance to earth and into our lives. It's His Birthday!!

As I write this, I am listening to a precious version of the Christmas carol "Silent Night" on my computer. The lyrics of "Silent Night" talks about the calmness of that Holy night and tells of the beautiful scene of our Lord's birth. It tells how He slept in Heavenly peace.

As I listen to the familiar carol, it reminds me that this should be a season of quite worship and deep felt rejoicing at the birth of our Savior. It should be… but so often, even as believers it isn't.

I would like to write that I have spent hours of reflecting on God's greatness in sending His Son Jesus to us but I wouldn't be able to and be totally honest. My life has been filled with travel, home improvements, getting the Christmas tree up, writing out Christmas cards and trying to figure out what to purchase as gifts for those I love. People keep talking about the Christmas Spirit and asking me if I have gotten into the "spirit" yet? I wish I could say with confidence "yes, of course". Not being able to answer them this way is unsettling to me.

I remember one Christmas long ago when I truly did get into the Christmas Spirit. I was a young girl then, around thirteen or so and it was Christmas Eve. My Mom was cooking her classic sugar glazed ham in the kitchen and I knew it was best to stay out of her way. In order to do this, I pulled an old rocking chair we had in our living room in front of the fireplace, put on Christmas carols on the stereo and started reading the Bible in the New Testament. I sat there for hours and hours, rocking in the warmth of the fire, enjoying the aromas coming from the kitchen and reading all the gospels. I remember the day seemed to fly by but at the end of it, I was truly into the Christmas Spirit. My heart was full and my love for Jesus was overwhelming. I loved reading not only about His birth but also about His life. When I got to the part about His sacrifice for our salvation, I was truly moved to a feeling of gratitude that I do not think I had grasped until then.

When the family finally came over and we finally carved into that delicious ham and ate all the other culinary delights, the feeling remained. As I opened the many wonderful gifts from my loved ones that evening, I did it with a different attitude that I had in Christmases past. I was truly grateful. I was full of more than just the wonderful dinner and excitement of the evening; I was full of the true Christmas Spirit.

I think that this year I will take the time to repeat this event as best I can. I will find a "Silent Night", sit by the fire and reenact that precious memory. Maybe through rekindling that feeling of love, peace and gratitude, I can be a spark to those searching for that light in their hearts that we think of as the true "Christmas Spirit". May we all be shinning examples of the true love of our Lord Jesus now and through out the New Year.

Love, peace and joy to you all,


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