September 21st 2001: I always look forward to the month of September. The air seems cleaner and more refreshing. It's kind of like God is reminding us that there is something new on the way. September 11th of 2001 will never be forgotten by any of us here in the United States. That day our joy of the new season to come was horribly disrupted by hate and tragedy. As I write the word "hate" it seems like such a strong word yet I can't think of a better one right now.

As many did, I turned on the television Tuesday morning to horror. I kept finding it hard to believe what I was seeing was true. As time progressed and the stories and pictures became even more appalling, I knew our lives as we had known them to be would never be the same. My first feelings were of fear and then anger. I wanted to jump into my car and go do something. I wanted to fight back. Protect the country I loved so much and help the people who needed it. As the day wore on I stayed glued to the television and didn't really know what to do. Now, as a Christian, I know I should have felt all of the "right" and good feelings, but as I wrote, I felt anger. I kept wondering how our world could have come to this. I kept asking God why. Then in a moment of despair I wrote on a post it note and stuck it to my wall next to my kitchen table. The note reads, "I refuse to be afraid". Then I fell to my knees and prayed for our nation, our leaders, the victims and my fellow citizens. Then I prayed for myself. I prayed that the hate that I had all witnessed would change me for the better.

I prayed that it would make me a better American and most of all, a better example of what the love of Jesus can do in a heart.

Later that day, I went out to do some work and just drive around and think. It's funny; I started humming "God Bless America". When I returned home and started watching the news again, I had the great joy of seeing Congress all assembled together singing "God Bless America". I sort of laughed to myself and thought, God has blessed this great country of ours in so many ways. Even in our worst of times, those of us who know the Lord and worship Him are reassured by His Word that He is in control and He does hear our prayers.

He warned His disciples many times of the troubles to come. We are told that we will have tribulation, not that we might. But as the great verse in John 17 reads, He has overcome the world. As I read both the new and old testament, there are many great verses that state such truth. My greatest peace and comfort comes from just knowing, He is still the God who is the creator of all.


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