July 29, 2008: Nashville summers are normally hot and muggy for the most part. But I have to write that I am really enjoying this one so far. I have been traveling a lot and as always I love it. I went out to San Diego, CA for a women's event and it was a complete blessing. I think all there could totally feel the presence of our Lord, Jesus. The time together, though short has lingered in my heart. The ladies out there certainly knew how to make this southern girl feel welcomed and loved.

Doug and I have taken a few trips of late. We went to New York City in May during Fleet week. That is when many of the soldiers come into town and have several demonstrations of their equipment and it gives you a chance to speak with them as well. That was so special to me. I love our military and took all the opportunities I could when I saw one to say "thank you and God bless you". It was amazing to see so many in uniform roaming that beautiful city, many looking in awe at the incredibly high, shinning sky scrapers with the same neck stiffening excitement as I always have when I get the chance to visit there.

Doug and I also just got back from Florida where we spend most of our days on the beach and our nights eating some of the best seafood and fish in the world. The sun was very soothing and the ocean was as breathtaking and refreshing as always. One thing was different on this trip though. When I would walk on the hot sand getting to my umbrella covered chair, I couldn't feel the heat of the sand. You see, my feet are still numb from the last Multiple Sclerosis attack that I wrote you about in my last journal entry. Hey, that was kind of a mixed blessing to me. Then one day when we were sitting down to have lunch at a scruffy outdoor restaurant overlooking the beach my feet and legs started hurting very badly. They hurt to the point that I thought I was going to lose my lunch because the pain was making me so nauseous. By the time we got back to our beach chairs I was distraught and disgusted. I almost lost it. I silently thought and prayed to the Lord, "when is this going to stop Lord". Feeling defeated but trying to be strong for Doug I just stayed still until the pain resolved itself.

Later that evening I finally told Doug how disheartened I was that this feet numbness had continued to be a problem. I told him how tired it made me just to get around at times. Then he said something that made me smile from my head to my toes. He said, "But Denise, the MS doesn't hurt you. All you've had is the numbness. Maybe the feeling is coming back"! I am happy to report that I think that it is getting better everyday and that I am getting stronger everyday also.

In Romans 4:17 (NIV) the Word tells us "the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were". I believe that when the Word says in Isaiah 53:5 that "by His wounds we are healed"; it means just that, we are healed. So as long as I have feet to stand on and even if I don't feel them, I will stand on that promise. Sometimes it just takes a sweet word from someone who loves us to remind us of that.

Don't ever forget that you are loved. Happy summer!!!!


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