July 28th 2002: From a very young age I remember my Mother telling me of the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30. My Mom is a piano and voice teacher in Alabama, so she knew that I had an idea of what musical talent was. I now understand that the parable is written about a form of money, but at the age I first heard this, I thought it was only about singing. My Mom told me that all talents came from the Lord, and if I was blessed with some, as we all are, then it was my responsibility to use it to bless others and praise the Father. I took this very seriously. I still do.

Lately I have had the joy of working in the studio with some of the most musically talented producers and musicians. They make my little songs sound so good and make my spirit soar. Often I am brought to tears as I sing them or listen back to what they have recorded. I am humbled and overwhelmed. I can only say, thank you, Father. Although their talent is extraordinary, I don't think it would be as special if they weren't such special people. These people are very aware that it is by the grace of our Lord that they possess this talent. They realize like I do that this is their special gifting from the Lord.

I am always amazed that others I meet don't think they have any special talent if it isn't musical or artistic. Our God is full of special gifts He wants to give his children. I am glad when I speak to someone who can tell me why I can't get my e-mail to work right. I am elated when a plumber fixes my leaking toilet. I am hopeful when I meet a Mother and Dad who raise incredible children.

We are all hearing about the talents of those miners in Somerset, Pennsylvania. We're learning about how as professional miners they knew survival skills to stay alive. We see how much the talents of the people who worked to rescue them out of a desperate situation were needed. We saw talents of counsel and prayer. We witnessed talents of organization and leadership. God knows the talents we'll need in our lives. He has a plan and is the one who gives us the ability we'll need to carry it out.

Don't neglect the talents God has given you. As it says in Matthew 25, those who invest them well will be given more.


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