March 27th 2001: I love the mornings. Not the one's where you are rushing around like a crazy but the easy mornings. I get the coffee started, feed the cat right away or she'll go crazy. Then I sit down at my little breakfast table and look out the window. This time of year the pink dogwood is budding and the birds are adding to the color scheme. What a joy. Then I reach for my Bible and start the day's reading. At times I get overwhelmed at the moment my eyes first gaze the pages. What a miracle that we can read this book. These are beautiful messages to us from the Father Himself.

I don't read the Word to impress anyone. I don't really appreciate it when others use it to try to impress me. Memorizing it is not living it. I read it because I've given my life to Jesus, and have faith in God for my every breath. I pray to be led by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, why wouldn't I want to know what's in the Word.

I know there are some great books on the shelves out there and I enjoy reading them but I never let them take time away from reading God's Instruction book.

I've read it through many times. It's so revealing where I am in my life. I can read the same story after some time has passed and it always shows me something new. The power in the Word is amazing. I'm reading about David now in second Samuel. To me, it reads sort of like a story in one of today's papers. It's full of drama and action. I read how in the good and bad times David never forgets who God is, but I feel the best part of the story is, God never forgets who David is. God is always faithful to His word.

I look forward to reading what God reveals to me tommorrow.


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