March 23, 2007: Can you believe it's Spring already? As I write this to you, I can hear the birds singing outside my office window and see a lovely tree all dressed up with new flowers that always catch me by surprise each year at their beauty. God sure has made a beautiful world.

I went to the grocery store earlier and noticed that people seemed to be walking a bit lighter and smiling more. Isn't it amazing what a little warm weather can do to a mood. Hopefully that is a mood that will carry on when Nashville gets hot and sweaty.

I am thinking a lot about moods lately because I am headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this next weekend to sing and speak at a women's event. I will be sharing my testimony the evening I arrive and then the next day speaking on three different subjects. The subjects are Fear, Peace and Joy. My charge from the church is to hopefully strengthen the hearts of these ladies to go out and witness about their faith to others.

As I was writing my thoughts down on these subjects for my talk, I realized that they are subjects that as a believer I need to keep "up" on as well. If you know my testimony you know how I had to learn the hard way what fear can do to a body physically as well as psychologically. With the MS, I was told repeatedly to have as little stress as possible. Well, fear can be the biggest stressor we face. Then I think of peace. I am smart enough now to know that without the peace that passes all understanding from my Lord Jesus, I won't make it through a day. Then I think about joy. I like to think about that subject. Who doesn't?

Seems like lately there are several new books, programs and theories on how to have joy in this world. Most of them however have nothing to do with knowing our Lord, Jesus Christ. As I have investigated some of them (you know what curiosity did to the cat), I have found they sort of dance all around the Bible. I get really amused at how close they get to what the Word says, almost like they are dipping their toe in but would never dive all the way in. That wouldn't be cool I suppose. Maybe they're afraid. Hey, wouldn't it be great if they were at the conference coming up in Myrtle Beach. Then they could hear my talk on fear, peace and joy. Then some of the ladies could witness to them about their faith in the Lord and they'd discover what true joy is about and where it comes from. Just a thought...

In this Easter season we have so much to be joyful about and grateful for. I am grateful for so much in my life. I am grateful to you for reading my journal entries. God bless you and have a glorious Spring!


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