March 18th 2002: Lately I've been traveling across the country to a different church almost every weekend. Although I love it so dearly, it can get tiring and a bit scary at times. On my way home I'm always a little sad because I am already missing my new friends that I've met on my trip. The people I meet never cease to amaze me with their kindness and warmth. They make me feel right at home. I think it is because when two Christians meet, all the social walls aren't there. Small talk seems silly. The purpose for me being at their church or event is clear. I sing and give my testimony of how Jesus Christ has blessed and affected my life.

Many times I have a long flight and so I'm pretty worn out by the time I arrive. As soon as I start singing and talking about the Lord, I feel a renewed strength that I believe comes from the Holy Spirit. People are praying here at home for me and the people in the audience. The energy always seems to take me suddenly by surprise. The Word says that He will renew our strength and I'm grateful to have experienced this so much.

Recently I experienced something that broke my heart. I met a lady that has Multiple Sclerosis as I do and I could feel her despair and hear her pain. She desperately wanted me to give her the answers to her fear of the unknown with this disease. I knew the only answer was to trust in the Lord and His will for our lives. I figured she had heard all these words before. I knew that she was hoping I had some new words of wisdom. I know that it doesn't matter if we have a disease or the "perfect life" , the answer is still the same.

As I was coming home on the plane, I started thinking about how hard it must be for the Father to see His children in pain and despair. Hoping we will learn to wait on Him and trust His love for us.

I believe He has a plan for each day of our lives and it seems our hardest days are when we can't see it. As the word reveals, that is the day when we are supposed to wait on the Lord. I really don't like to wait. Patience isn't one of my virtues. I have learned through the Multiple Sclerosis and just day to day life, that trusting in Him makes the waiting part much better.

As I think about Easter, I'm reminded of how the disciples and Mary waited for three days for our Lord to be resurrected. I can only imagine they were somewhat frightened and excited. Either way, they knew to wait on the Lord and that reveals a lot to all of us.


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