March 15th, 2005: What a special time of the year this is for believers in the Lord Jesus, Christ. It's resurrection season. It's the time of the year that we as Christians all reflect on the love and sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus. I don't care how many times I read in the Word of His crucifixion or see images of it on movie screens, pictures, statues or paintings, it never ceases to give me chills and give me comfort. My heart aches as I try to wrap my imagination around the pain He went through. But then the facts of His death don't end there thanks to our amazing God. When Jesus rose on that third day, He gave us all a chance to be as He is, eternal.

Everyday when I get up and look in the mirror I come to the realization that things about my body are changing. Now, some of the changes are not so drastic and bad but some I could do without. As I've gotten older I have also gained the wisdom that no face cream or work out program is going to change completely the effects of age. I do hate this fact but fact it is. But truth changes fact. You see, I also just have to stop and remember that one day I will have a perfect body when I get home to heaven. No aches and pains from working out too hard and no wrinkles to try to camouflage. No sickness and disease. No more tears and sorrows. How cool is that?!!

Soon I will be headed back on the road going to churches and several different events. I will be singing and speaking at a college, youth camp, Christian educator's conference and several women's events. I am singing and speaking at five Women of Virtue conferences starting in the Spring and into the Fall. The theme of these conferences is "a complete makeover". Now this is right up my alley as far as subject matter. But a complete makeover takes more than just some face cream and dumb bells. It takes a complete look into the heart. Believe me, being around beauty pageants, music stars and fashion models can be very intimidating. But with as many of these kind of folks I've met and known over the years some of them had that something extra that made them really "shine". The more I would get to know them; I always discovered with further investigation that their beauty was much more than just the way they looked on the outside. It was who they were on the inside that made them really beautiful. They had a peace and joy that radiated out of them. They had the love of the Lord, Jesus in their hearts. They too realized that they were eternal beings.

I pray that I can get this across to the ladies I speak to at the conferences. The world is quick to tell us what is beautiful. But as I wrote earlier, truth changes fact. We may see things we dislike in the mirror but our Lord sees our heart. The truth is, He died for us even though He knew of all our imperfections. When He rose again and we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior, time took on a whole new meaning. Even though the fact is that everyday we live here on this earth, things about our outward appearance will change, the truth is as believers we are beautiful in the sight of the Lord. When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we get a "complete makeover" and this makeover is permanent.


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