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From: Tucson, AZ
E-mail: aleksandrak@comcast.net
I see Denise as a sweet Angel sent from God to share His love and
encouragement. With her strength, energy, faith and love she so beautifully
testifies Jesus is alive.
May God bless and carry her on His safe and loving shoulders always.

Trish, the "Women of Virtue" conference in Tucson was great,
very uplifting, don't you think? God bless you!
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Dee Smith
From: Potts Camp,MS
E-mail: tndee063@aol.com
Denise keep on even when the road gets long, weary and lonely. You have a
prayer partner in Mississippi.
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From: camp hiawatha!
E-mail: Krystalpistol12@yahoo.com
Hey Denise i havent heard from you in awhile
how have you been? email me back when you get this.

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Heather Sebring
From: Clarksville, TN
E-mail: viruschaser@charter.net
I have been meaning to tell you how much I rely on your music from your
Refuse To Be Afraid CD. I met you at Faith Outreach during a concert you
did. I was the girl that smiled the whole time in the front row.

A girlfried of mine bought your CD's and gave me the Refuse To Be Afraid
CD. It was instrumental in my getting through my husband's year long
deployment in Iraq. But the day I drove to my 7 1/2 month OB appointment,
I was singing your "Refuse To Be Afraid" song to my unborn son.
I remember telling God that I hope I never go through anything that bad,
that I need to experience that place where you were when you wrote that
song. That day, my world stopped with the ultrasound that showed my son's
heart was no longer beating.

Your song was the testimony to all the Montgomery County Sheriff's
personnel who attended baby Ryan's funeral, that when things don't make
sense, and you are deep in pain and shock...the only thing that stays is
your faith in God-

Thank You...when I play the last song I sang to my son, I experience a
healing pain, instead of a pain that leaves me in despair.

I hope to get Way-FM to start playing your songs, as they deliver hope
without pretending that we don't experience pain and disappointments in

I hope all things have gone well with your new marriage...when I spoke
with your fiancee (at the time), he was just the most patient and adoring
husband as could be...you two are a great match!
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lisa luplow
From: nashville
E-mail: lisaluplow@comcast.net
I love your site, Denise. I feel like we finally got to "catch
up" a little bit! Hopefully, we can slow down a bit and have that
lunch we have been trying to schedule.
I am thrilled about your wedding and can't wait to spend some time with
you both. I'm sure I'll see you "krogering" soon! (the boys in my
house keep me on a constant path to the grocery!)
With love,
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Lisa Marines
From: Quanah, Texas
E-mail: marines8056@yahoo.com
I bought your first CD because I had heard "I Refuse to be
Afraid." Every song on the CD spoke to me and it came at just the
right time. You are an inspiration to me. I have loved to sing since I
was a little girl. My childhood and adult life has been filled with a lot
of pain and grief but the Lord has freed me from the chains. You have a
voice like an angel. God bless you my sister in Christ.
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Website: http://www.qualitylaptops.info
The Women of Virtue Conference was outstanding.
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E-mail: nickumz_2000@yahoo.com
hello denise. i was at the women of virtue in lansing, mi. i bought your eternally grateful cd and have been listening to it almost every day since. seems every time i listen, God speaks to me, through your songs, which has helped me through the ups and downs in the past week. thank you so much. and also thank you for the wonderful messages at women of virtue. God is sure using you in a wonderful way. God bless and thank you!
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Eric Brodberg
E-mail: e_brodberg@yahoo.com
Hi Denise, My wife, Amy Brodberg, was at the "Women of Virtue" conference in Lansing on Saturday May 14, 2005. She told me that she really enjoyed herself and she ecspecially enjoyed meeting and talking with you. When someone such as yourself gives testimonies about how God has helped them in their life, it just brightens her day. My wife is the greatest woman this world has ever seen. I definitely would never ever give her up for anything. I am a singer/songwriter myself, and I just recently turned my music over to God. He is the one who gave me the gift, it's time I let him run it how he wants to instead of me. Thank you Denise, for what you do. And thank you for talking with my wife. God Bless you, Eric Brodberg
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Jodi Goodman
E-mail: goodytwos@aol.com
Just came from the Women of Virtue Conference in Michigan! What a gift God has given you. I, too, was in a beauty pageant once upon a time, and your stories really touched me. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to witness to my looks-obsessed sister in-law about what God does when He lives in us. I have gained weight over the years, but the person I am on the inside is someone I and my mother are very proud of. Christ truly transforms us from the inside. What an honor it is to serve Him each day in the children's ministry I lead and by telling others about the greatest love we could experience!
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