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Susan James
E-mail: sljames1@san.rr.com
Hi Denise, It was such a pleasure to meet you at First Congregational Churchís ďBuckets of JoyĒ conference. It was refreshing to me to hear your faith through fighting the MS and how you have trusted God to guide your steps. I appreciated your testimony and really enjoyed your music. In fact I just finished listening to you CD Eternally Grateful (again) . At the end of our joy filled day you asked to keep in touch so Iím writing to you to let you know that Iím doing well. Iím back on my cancer treatments but thatís OK because I know that our God is in control of my healing! What I have learned from my diagnosis of breast cancer is thisÖ God uses illness to strengthen not only our faith but the faith of those whose lives we touch. I canít begin to tell you how many people have approached me and mentioned how they admire my strength and courage in fighting breast cancer and this has given me the opportunity to share that God is my healer. We may not always like the trial we are going through but I know that Godís grace gives us the strength and provides us a peace that those who do not know Him are missing and desperately need. I wish you good health and write more wonderful songs this year! I hope that you can come back to Ramona again someday! Hugs, Susan James PS: I just loved your imagery that God threw gravel on our hills and it grew into large rocks! Hope you got to take one home!
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Deb Castronovo
E-mail: waddlesworth1@hotmail.com
In 2003, my 20 year marriage was falling apart and I had lots of uncertainty about how I could financially and emotional support my children. "I Refuse to be Afraid" came over the radio one morning. I felt like God was using you to speak directly to me. That song reminded me God wants us to be strong and courageous. I recently had surgery but I could not find my CD. Not to worry, the lyrics and music played in my head and made me smile. ( I will buy another album though.) God Bless you, Deb Castronovo, Rockford, IL
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Amy Kramarik
E-mail: retinitis@aol.com
Hello there. It has been a while since I emailed you last. I was on Denise's site to check up on future tour dates. I was so excited to see that Denise has written a book. I am definitely purchasing a copy for myself. Like I have stated before, Denise surely is an inspiration to me. Her music does so much for me. I hope to attend one of her sermons again if she ends up in New York.
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Earl Teigrob
From: Dallas
E-mail: earlt777@hotmail.com
Denis, I picked up your Eternally Grateful CD a few years ago and love it.
The songs are so inspiring and the technical quality is excellent. Your
voice is one of the sweetest voices I have heard. Thank you so much for all
your work and letting God use you. Earl
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Jean-Pierre Remy
Website: http://users.belgacom.net/topart/
E-mail: jeanpierreremy@hotmail.com
You have a wonderful voice combined with a beauty
I love your style
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Renee' Moshier
From: Lockport, NY
E-mail: rmos606203@aol.com
Thank you for your wonderful and touching performance at the Palace for the
Challenger Baseball Team Benefit. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear
you perform.
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Cindy Lamb
From: Colorado Springs, CO
E-mail: clamb@springsfirst.org
Dear Denise,

I have never had the privilege of meeting you in person, but I love and
appreciate your music. Your songs are so anointed by God. I am the Prayer
and Compassion Pastor at Springs First Church of the Nazarene in Colorado
Springs. A few months ago, I held a prayer partners' breakfast for our
people and had a young lady in our church do sign language to
"Eternally Grateful." It was powerful! Thank you for using your
gifts for the glory of God! May He continue to bless you a thousand times

Serving the Master,

Cindy Lamb
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From: Lockport
E-mail: Nickem89@aol.com
Hi my name is Nicholas I rember meeting you at the palace in Lockport NY
you did a good job. It was nice talking to you and meeting you
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Robby&Dana Newport
From: Elkmont Alabama
Website: http://www.Lebanoncc.net
E-mail: xrn69@bellsouth.net
we enjoyed having you for the ladies group.The Sunday morning singing was
super.May God bless you even more with what you do.
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karl and linda bruening
From: ocean springs ms
E-mail: kgbruening@yahoo.com
it was great meeting you today at the shoe store. good luck with your tv
show tomorrow.

linda and karl from mississippi
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